Monday, January 14, 2008

Remembering Former CIA Officer/Whistleblower Philip Agee

Irvine -- On our next show, Subversity honors the progressive work of a friend of Subversity, Philip Agee, who resigned after 12 years as a case officer in the CIA and began exposing the CIA's "dirty tricks" in the covert operations the U.S. engaged in around the world. He leaves as his legacy his principled and consistent efforts in counteracting U.S. subversion of people's struggles around the world. He died 7 January 2008 in Havana, Cuba from complications from ulcer treatment.

We talk with his close friend, collaborator, co-author and fellow traveler, Louis Wolf, a co-founder of CovertAction Information Bulletin (later Quarterly) about Phil Agee's progressive work.
A. Selected Articles by Philip Agee:
A Shameful Injustice: Cuba's 50-year defiance of US attempts to isolate it is an inspiration to Latin America's people:
Terrorism and Civil Society: The Instruments of US Policy in
Terrorismo y Sociedad Civil como Instrumentos de la Politica Estadounidense en
Tracking Covert Actions into the
A Stunning Contrast: The Descent of the US; The Rise of Latin
Producing the Proper
B. Philip Agee on
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