Monday, October 13, 2008

Hong Kong Independent Filmmakers Oppose Corporate 'Hijacking' of Asian Film Festival; California Prop. 8 on Parental Notification

In our 13 October 2008 show, KUCI's Subversity program focuses first on a controversy in Hong Kong over an apparent corporate "hijacking" of the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (HKAFF). Independent filmmakers associated with Ying E Chi a nonprofit independent film distribution company, are accusing the owners of the territory's Broadway Cinematheque chain of taking over the annual festival that Ying e Chi founded in 2004. We talk with independent filmmaker Simon Chung, a director of Ying E Chi, from Hong Kong about what led to this impasse.

Simon Chung was born in Hong Kong. A graduate of Toronto's York University, he majored in film production before returning Hong Kong. Since then, he has been active within the local film and television industry, including Ying E Chi. His second short, Life is Elsewhere ('96), was given the distinguished award at the Hong Kong ifva (Independent Short Film& Video Awards). Innocent ('05) is his directorial debut. Filmography: Chiwawa Express ('92 short), Life is Elsewhere ('96 short), Stanley Beloved ('97 short), First Love & Other Pains ('99 short), Innocent ('05), End of Love ('08).
See also: "Variety" coverage: Background on HKAFF from HKAFF 2007:
In Part 2 of our show, we air a dispatch from National Radio Project's Making Contact on "Parental Notification: Protecting Our Youth?" "This November, parental notification (Prop 4) will be on the ballot in California. Prop 4 requires parents to be notified if a minor seeks an abortion. Does this law really protect our youth? If passed, will it affect how young women access reproductive health care?" asks the program.
"On this edition of Making Contact, we hear from a group of young women in California organizing against Prop 4. They say the measure threatens the health, safety and rights of young women, especially communities of color and immigrant communities. Also, we hear from a proponent of Prop 4 who explains why many others support this law. Lastly, we visit the state of Texas where both parental notification and consent laws have transformed the ways young women handle unexpected pregnancies."
This Making Contact program was partially funded by the Mary Wolford Foundation and features: Heidi, Meuy, Marn, Tiffany, Maly, Susan, Celia, Mimi, Mae, Quy, Sandra, SAFIRE youth members; Amanda Wake, SAFIRE coordinator; Dana Ginn Paredes, ACRJ organizing director; Dr. Paula Hillard, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health member, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Stanford University School of Medicine, Division of Gynecologic Specialties director; Dolores Meehan, Friends of Sarah and the Yes on Proposition 4 Campaign; Rita Lucido, Jane's Due Process attorney; Brandi Bedford, Whole Woman's Health of Austin executive director; Terry Sallas Merritt, Whole Woman's Health corporate executive director; Tina Hester, Jane's Due Process hotline coordinator.
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Saving Marriage; Bill Ayers on his Fugitive Days

Mug shot from Chicago Police of Ayers

In our the next edition of Subversity, a KUCI public affairs program, we delve into two controversial issues this election season.

In part 1 of the program, we talk with two filmmakers, Mike Roth and John Henning, who directed a documentary, "Saving Marriage," on the ultimate success in Massachusetts to forestall a voter-ban on gay marriage. We'll ask them what lessons can be learned given that California voters will vote in November whether or not to ban gay marriage (Prop. 8) and overturn the state Supreme Court's recent ruling allowing it.

In part 2, given the controversy over Barack Obama's "palling around" (allegedly) with former fugitive Weatherman Bill Ayers (now a respected education professor in Chicago), we re-air portions of a past interview we conducted with Prof. Ayers. We asked him then to reflect on his fugitive days.

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