Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Special: Testimony on Bush War Crimes

For our Memorial Day special aired on May 29, 2006, we air more testimony before the International Commission of Inquiry On Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration, to memorialize the victims, rather than the perpetrators, of U.S. war crimes. We thank the commission organizers for permission to use these segments.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

CSU Prof. As'ad AbuKhalil on "The Islam Factor in Western Popular Cultures"

On our May 15 2006 show, we aired the talk given April 19, 2006 at UC Irvine by Cal State Stanislaus Political Scientist As'ad AbuKhalil, "The Islam Factor in Western Popular Cultures: Beyond the Danish Cartoons." This talk was part of the Ford Foundation-funded Difficult Dialogues series.

Co-Sponsors were: The Working Group/Center for Middle East and African Studies, the Department of Political Science, the UCI Difficult Dialogues Project, the Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies, the International Studies Program, the Center for Citizen Peacebuilding, the Program in Women's Studies, and the Middle East Studies Student Initiative.

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To hear an interview with AdubKhalil by Subversity's show host Daniel C. Tsang for the UCI's Difficult Dialogues project, click here: .

Monday, May 1, 2006

UCI Prof. Gilbert G. Gonzalez on Mexican Labor Migration and U.S. Capital

On May Day (Monday, 1 May, 2006), when thousands of immigrants, documented and undocumented, and their allies, are expected to boycott classes and their jobs, to show the contribution people from outside U.S. make to the U.S. economy and society, Subversity, a KUCI public affairs program presented a conversation with UCI Prof. Gilbert G. Gonzalez on the historical antecedents of the immigration issue.

Prof. Gonzalez is the author of numerous scholarly tomes including "Guest workers or colonized labor?: Mexican labor migration to the United States (2006)," "Culture of empire : American writers, Mexico, and Mexican immigrants, 1880-1930 (2004)," "A Century of Chicano history: empire, nations, and migration (with Prof. Raul Fernandez, 2003) and "Labor and community: Mexican citrus worker villages in a Southern California county, 1900-1950." He teaches in the Chicano/Latino Studies program at UCI's School of Social Sciences.

See press release for further background information.
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