Friday, October 14, 2005

Mike Davis on New Orleans

On Friday October 14, 2005, we chatted with UCI historian Mike Davis, whose latest book, Monster at the Door (New Press) covers the Avian Flu pandemic. The UCI historian and social critic (who's best known for his City of Quartz book) has just returned from New Orleans, and discussed race and the politics of reconstruction on Subversity.

Listen to the show on mp3 here: .

To listen to the portion with the interview with Mike Davis, click here: .

Davis' critique of the reconstruction process appears in the english-edition of Le Monde Diplomatique at: "The Predators of New Orleans".

He has also co-written an essay on "25 Questions about the Murder of New Orleans" on the Nation web site:

His essay, "Melting Away," also appears on the Nation web site:

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