Monday, March 24, 2008

Behind America's Obsession with Sex Scandals

Why the national obsession with sex scandals, most recently in the governor's office, before and after (New York and New Jersey)? And is the stoic wife all that unknowing? Is monogamy doomed for straight couples?

On our next show, 24 March 2008, Subversity talks with activist writer and former sex worker Tony Valenzuela. He worked in the commercial sex industry for about 5 years, including being an escort during that time (1997 to around 2002). A leader of the national Sex Panic activism of the late 1990's, he continues today to be a critic of how mainstream culture, including the gay community, handles matters of sexuality, especially publicly.

A long-time activist based in Southern California, he works on sexual politics, HIV and gay men's health. He writes for LA Weekly, Frontiers, Zyzzyva and is working on a book on gay men and risk.

He last appeared on Subversity in November 1997.

To listen to the entire Subversity show, click here:

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