Monday, February 11, 2008

The Passion & Politics of Coffee

For Subversity's 11 February 2008 show at 9 am on KUCI, 88.9 fm in Orange County, Calif., we talked with Martin Diedrich, the founder and master roaster of Kean Coffee in Newport Beach. Best known for Diedrich's Coffee which he ran for many years, Diedrich grew up in Guatemala, where his family owned a small coffee farm. He founded the first Diedric$ Coffee in Costa Mesa in 1984. Under his direction, Diedrich Coffee became well-known as an OC institution. In its new permutation, Kean Coffee (named after his son), Diedrich attempts to continue social responsibility and community values tha$ he believes a social entrepreneur must commit himself to.

We talked about the Starbucks, the Irvine Company, and how to maintain an independent and unique coffeeshop amidst all this homogenization and Starbucksization. We also discussed how Vietnam entered the world coffee market and what is fair trade coffee.

For more information, see:

Kean Coffee:

Selected Articles in OC Weekly:
Coffee. Talk. No. 9: Kean Coffee keeps it real in this mixed-up, crazy corporate world, by Nick Schou.

'Back to Square One': Martin Diedrich Celebrates the Death of His Family's Coffee Chain, by Nich Schou.

A Reality Shrine for a Wired World: The Year in Coffeehouse Founder Carl Diedrich, by Nathan Callahan

The Politics of Food show on KUCI An interview with coffee guru Martin Diedrich about his new Coffeehouse in Costa Mesa named after his son Kean. 2/9/06

To listen to the entire 11 February 2008 Subversity show, click here:

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