Monday, December 24, 2007

Hoang Tan Bui Case Settlement

Irvine -- On this Christmas Eve edition of Subversity, we look back at the Hoang Tan Bui case, where a Westminster police officer, later fired, ran over Bui, causing massive injuries that killed him. This past week, his family settled the case against the City of Westminster for less than $1 million.

We look back at the case that we first covered over two years ago, when we interviewed Hoang Bui's wife, Phuong, who was then spending her first Thanksgiving with her two children without their father, a Caucasian-Vietnamese. The case sparked intense community protest with community meetings as well as a march against police headquarters. The case continues with the Bui family's lawsuit against the city over a ban on grieving their loss at the site of the incident. That case goes to court in March, 2008, where the family is represented by attorney Michael Avila.

See Deepa Bharath's article: "Court Oks Westminster Police Settlement," Orange County Register, 19 December 2007, as well as the reader comments.

See also Trinh Luu's article, "The Hoang Tan Bui case: What are they not telling us?" in the Fall 2005 edition of Jaded, a UCI alternative Asian Pacific American magazine, p.7. The piece was written right before two years before the settlement.

We dedicate the show to the memory of a fellow traveller, Alan Berube, a community activist cum historian, who won the MacArthur Foundation award after his work on gays in the military. He passed away 11 December 2007 at the age of 61.

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