Monday, October 2, 2006

What's Behind the Latest Sex Scandal

On our 2 October 2006 Subversity show, we reflected on the latest Washington D.C. sex scandal, the one involving resigned Florida Congressman Mark Foley's emails, while taking a look back on the Clinton sex scandal -- when we aired an interview with Martha Loew, the editor of EIDOS, a sexualities journal once in print. Promises of protecting children helped self-righteous neocon Republicans (such as Mark Foley) take over Congress; will their hypocrisy now lead them to lose control of Congress?

We chatted with Bill Andriette, features editor of The Guide, an alternative sexual politics magazine from Boston, about what's behind the moral panic over this scandal. Andriette wrote about Foley prior to this scandal.
To hear the audio of the show, click here: .

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