Monday, April 10, 2006

Immigration Movement at Ground Zero: Costa Mesa

Two days after several thousand immigration rights marchers rallied in Costa Mesa, what are the prospects of immigration reform in Congress, and does it go far enough? On our April 3, 2006 show, the first of Spring Quarter 2006, we chatted with Amin David, who heads Los Amigos in Orange County, and with John Earl, publisher of, about Costa Mesa and ground zero in standing up to repressive law enforcement. David, who serves on the Orange County sheriff's advisory commission, breaks with him on this issue.

To hear the audio clip of the show, click here: .

Photo of Costa Mesa, California, Rally, April 1, 2006, © Daniel C. Tsang 2006

See also photo, from Reuters, of activist Coyotyl Tezcalipoca of Colectivo Tonantzin, addressing the crowd after initially being barred from the podium.

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